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How to Easily Create and Design my Free Website including a Blog, a Book, a Business page or a Portfolio

Eazpage enables to create a dynamic and free website. It is perfectly suited for a self-employed, small businesses, a photographer, a model, a graphic or web designer, a makeup artist, a blogger.

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The fresh new application Eazpage is finally available!

Eazpage is evolving with its new application available on the Apple Store and on the Google Play Store! The Eazpage application is a highly selective social network dedicated to the world of Fashion: photographers, models, make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists, etc. Users can modify their own website from the application , create a quality contact book and communicate with them, find other professionals by location or type of work. This social network will also be available soon in your browser!

Free content for professional results, options that only we can offer.

Eazpage offers all the free tools allowing you to create a professional-grade website: innovative, premium graphics well suited for many devices, a variety of themes, favicon creation, photos protection, a multilingual site for greater impact, access to visitor/traffic statistics, website indexing, HTTPS enhanced security for all members which guarantees the security of all users' personal information.


Do you want new features? Share and vote for update ideas that would fit your needs!


All options are available free of charge. This allows you to do whatever you want, whenever you want.


Create your website easily and captivate your visitors through a modern and high-end interface. The management platform itself offers an innovative and revisited graphic design.


You can offer your users content in multiple languages and reach a much more diverse audience.


Send regular newsletters to your contacts and subscribers. Reach a wide audience and get them hooked! Analyze the results of your newsletter with each mailing and adapt accordingly.

Mobile version

The mobile version has been designed to be as beautiful and easy-to-use as on a computer, if not more.

Photo protection

You can protect your photos with a single click from most malicious users.


The Eazpage platform and your website are adapted to all known media and browsers. Also get your free and multiplatform-compatible favicon to promote your website.

Security https

The HTTPS protocol allows yourself and your visitors to enjoy a free, secure and confidential online experience when visiting your website.


The indexing of your website is ubiquitous with Eazpage. Write the description and titles that will appear on Google and other search engines. Define the keywords associated with your articles and photos.

Social networks

Connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages with your website. Allow your users to share your content with the click of a button on all social platforms such as Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. It is the best way to promote a photographer or model book, a designer or makeup artist portfolio, a company page or a blog.


Get statistics on the number of visitors for your entire website and as well as per page, and results allowing you to see the impact of your newsletter.


The management system of your website is incredibly intuitive and fast. Our platform allows you to create a professional-quality website in less than an hour with the ability to update your content with a single click, the key to your success on the Web!


Many color themes and font combinations are available to create and customize your website to fit your needs and style.


Eazpage is offering to share your articles and photos on all of the community's websites, as well as on its own social media pages.

A user friendly interface to create and promote my portfolio, blog, book or company page

Eazpage offers ease of use for a beautiful and efficient result. Simply enable the desired options to send a newsletter, share photos and publications with Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Do you need anything? Share your ideas with the Eazpage community in two clicks, and watch your ideas come to life. All this for free! And much more.

My free Website can be adapted to a wide variety of platforms

The use of different platforms is possible with Eazpage, try it yourself and shrink the page. Connect from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. From the management interface to your blog, makeup artist or web designer portfolio, model or photographer book.. The entire content has been created and revisited to bring you a unique experience.

Let's build together a Blog, Portfolio or Company Page that meets my needs.

Eazpage is more than just a free website design service. It is also a community that gathers independent contractors, small businesses, self-employed, photographers, bloggers, models, makeup artists, graphic artists ... You can share your ideas for future updates with other users, vote to rank them, and turn your ideas into reality.

Example model website ♂
Example bloggers website
Example model website ♀

The key to the success of my Website is sharing!

Enable the social media links you want on your website and let thousands of visitors share your photos, articles and publications with a single click. This is the best way today to promote your website; and this applies to a designer or makeup artist portfolio, a model or photographer book, a blog or even a company page.