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This free platform allows everyone to easily and quickly promote an attractive, modern and secure website. It does not require any knowledge in Web development or design and what is free today will remain so. In this project, all necessary resources are implemented to best meet the expectations of the community.

The Eazpage brand and project were conceived following the completion of a small personal photography project by Francis Monier, creator and developer. During his work on this personal project, he came to realize that he was not able to easily obtain what he needed while browsing the web. The options at his disposal were often very long to integrate, lacking in content and not free of charge, not to mention their design which was usually not very elaborate or current.

It is after these numerous and extensive trials that this small project finally became larger than expected, today, we aim to deliver an easy-to-use platform that will evolve with your input. It is based on mutual trust and openness.

Website and App developer: Francis Monier