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How cookies are used
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In this document entitled "Privacy Policy", the microbusiness created by Francis Monier, acting under the brand name Eazpage, informs all Eazpage websites' users and visitors the purpose and the method used to process and collect data resulting from your presence on our sites. We update our sites on a very regular basis, so the way we process and use this data is bound to change on a regular basis. As an Eazpage user, you will be notified of any changes to this document or the document presenting our Terms of Use. First of all, we would like to make the following point: Eazpage is a French brand, but for quality (including safety and performance) and price reasons, websites linked to Eazpage regularly use foreign service providers. These providers are often outside the European Union, and in particular in the United States. This document was written in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GRPD) applied in the European Union as from 25 May 2018.
Use of data by Eazpage
We process and collect your data for our services only, i.e. no third party service has direct or indirect access to it. The goal here is to provide you with the best quality possible for our services. The amount of data that we collect for our services is in fact very small and is essentially intended to determine the nature of the page visited and whether you are a member of our community or not. We also carry out security checks on our platform from your very first visit. That is, determining whether you are a person who has been previously banned from our services (for example, for not complying with our terms of use). In other words, we verify that the visitor has not had any problems with the community in the past.
What is the kind of information we collect?
If you are visiting the Eazpage sites
The data we collect is mostly related to your activity such as the date and time of access to the site in question, the URL of the page visited, the URL of the site and the page previously visited, the user IP address (mainly for security reasons), the browser type and language, and if you have seen or clicked on an Eazpage advertisement. We do not include any third-party advertising. A visitor who registers to a newsletter or sends a message to a member of the Eazpage community, from his website, must provide his e-mail address and his name or surname. This information is not used by Eazpage, but is only managed by the creator of the visited Eazpage site. A visitor can unsubscribe from a newsletter from the newsletter received as an e-mail, or by contacting Eazpage services at the following email:
If you are a member of the Eazpage community
The minimum required for your registration is a valid email address. This address allows us to keep you informed about updates, messages received on your own website, and any future changes to your user account that may be required or available. Your account information is no longer saved after you unsubscribe.
Cookies storage
Eazpage minimizes the use of cookies, although they are often judged wrongly because of the misuse of some misguided people, cookies are in fact only simple text files, they often have a very short lifespan. Regarding Eazpage sites, we restrict ourselves to the use of so-called session cookies, without them, you would have to write your password and your identifier on each of the pages you visit. And to cookies that make browsing easier, here is the complete list: cookies that allow us to know which language you have chosen, to verify that you have read our Eazpage privacy policy and terms of use, to know if you have already seen the newsletter advertisements of the site you are visiting. And finally, and if only you have opted for an automatic login, to the encrypted cookies of your login credentials.
Advertising and analytical cookies
Eazpage does not currently use any advertising cookies, i.e. no third party service has access to our services to collect data by creating or using cookies on our sites. We do not use Google Analytics, Google reCaptcha or any other service. We want to make it clear that we have nothing against these analytical services which may prove very useful but we prefer not to rely on them as much as possible for the time being.
Cookies and data security
We use the Comodo paid service to encrypt data from all Eazpage sites via the HTTPS (TLS) protocol. As a result, communication with and between the Eazpage sites is protected against fraudulent access by third parties.
Connection cookies linked to social media on Eazpage sites
Eazpage uses today only one social plugin, that of the social network, which is operated by the company Facebook Inc. This plugin is used at your request only via the Connect to Facebook button. By using such a plugin, our servers exchange information with Facebook servers to log into your account. As a result, Facebook receives the URL of the Eazpage page accessed and whether you are a member of the Eazpage community or not. For our part, we receive your credentials in order to connect you using cookies that we register, and which are necessary for you to log in. The data provided, which transmission you authorize, is very minimal. These data are all listed on the Facebook page opened when you first click the Login with Facebook button. The information we receive currently includes the following data: first name, last name, URL of your page and your profile photo, Facebook credentials, country of location, as well as the date of your birthday. This last information allows us to judge whether the content you publish on our Eazpage sites is age-appropriate and related to our Terms of Use document available at the bottom of the page.
Access and publicly available information
All data published on an Eazpage site can be consulted by other users. Caution should therefore be exercised when publishing sensitive or personal information. Your private spaces are protected as much as possible by our services, in particular by using the HTTPS protocol. Unfortunately absolute protection does not exist at this time, and we strongly recommend logging out of your account in public places.
Sharing publications
No cookie is created for or through social networks if you share a publication with the Share buttons linked to the social media platforms. The data related to the social network you are currently using is not transmitted to our services. Only the social network used can retrieve the URL of the page you visited on our sites, which is automatically redirected to this page to share the publication in question.
Email from Eazpage sites
Any email sent from an Eazpage site may contain links that allow the compilation of visit statistics. These statistics are only compiled to set up advertising campaigns, you can unsubscribe from these newsletters or emails at any time by following the recommendations provided by each of them.
Data and transmission
None of your data, either as a user or as a visitor, is passed on to third parties. However, there are some cases where we may have to disclose information: we may be required by law to communicate information, it may also be necessary in order to provide contractual services to the Eazpage platform user (for example to provide you with a domain name, this does not apply to subdomains) or if we have to use third-party services in order to provide you with our services.
Getting in touch with Eazpage
You can contact us at any time at for any questions you may have.
Content and domains
All files, data, domains and images on our sites are hosted on servers associated with Namecheap services.